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Prayer Requests

pets in danger

over a year ago by anonymous

please pray for these 3 poor cats to get home very soon or they will be euthanased by the shelter. thanks


over a year ago by Humphrey

Hi. Would you kindly pray for the salvation and deliverance of a woman named Lauren? Thanks so much, you are richly blessed by God.

Prayer for my family

over a year ago by Lisa Stevenson

Pastors Maurice and Dee. Please extend your hand of prayer on my daughter. I am trying to give her an understanding of the need for worship and what Bethcar means to us. She has been fighting me every Sunday and I don't want to attend without her but I feel as though it looks bad as a parent if she is not there with me. We have so much to be thankful for and I want her to get a better understanding of this. She used to enjoy going for the children's church but now that she is too old, she doesn't have the patience to sit and listen to the sermon. Please pray that I can bring her back to share in all that I am receiving. I have never had such a comforting feeling as I get when I am in the presence of the two of you. I will be taking her to NY this week and wanted the church to pray over her so with that in mind please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Sincerely, Lisa

Spiritual Prayer,

over a year ago by Charise

Im standing in the need of prayer, I strayed away from church, but since coming to Bethcar Fellowship and enjoying and accepting the change in my life the devil has been so busy. He?s working on my children and every door seems to close. I?m in special need of prayer.

Special care hospital New Britain, CT

over a year ago by Pat Stewart

My son Iunre Smart Jr, is pulling through his injuries and he needs to believe everyday iGod is strengthening his body to heal and to walk again. It's a process. I want him to be positive and know god has the last day....